#24: Atlanta

I love Donald Glover. He has been my favorite artist for years, so naturally when this show starring, written, and produced by him I was ecstatic. And the show did not disappoint.

The first season  consists of 10 30 minute episodes and its premiered on FX about a year and a half ago. The second season started again in February and is currently running on Tuesday nights.

The premise of the show is following three individuals as they go through life in Atlanta. This project is close to Donald Glovers heart as he is born and raised in the ATL. From interviews I have watched many of these stories were based off real events or people that he has encountered along the way.

The show has a unique sense of humor which I have really enjoyed and often makes light of some really shitty situations. Donald’s approach to the show was to also put the spotlight on some of the serious issues that Atlanta has such as drugs and gun violence. He did so beautifully!

I haven’t started the second season as actually catching shows live on TV can be a challenge in my schedule. So I have decided to do my usual binge in a week or two.

All that aside the show will be a quick watch but is TOTALLY worth it. Donald Glover is an incredible artist and his passion shows through in his work! 100% Binge Worthy.


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